Barefoot Skiing

Learn to barefoot ski

Beginners – This is where the boom bar really shines, learning to barefoot ski used to be a painful experience, however we can teach almost anyone to barefoot in a short time. Standing on water is pretty cool at 60 km/h hanging onto the bar.

Experienced – For those who can foot, the Rolco has a nice wake to cross, however a 1 meter rope off the boom bar is a lot of fun, you can try the tumble turn and one footers, backwards, it makes footing so easy

Advanced – Our barefoot coach can show you how to master all the tricks.

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  • Learn to ski or wakeboard in 30 minutes
  • All equipment & tuition supplied
  • Includes wet suit pants for the ladies
  • Life jackets for every one
  • Double water skis
  • Wake board

$85 per person 30 minutes


  • Wet suit pants for the ladies
  • Life jackets for everyone
  • Double & slalom water skis
  • Wakeboard
  • Some barefoot suits depending on size

$85 per person 30 minutes


  • Up to 50 people!
  • Ride the inflatable disc with up to 3 people
  • 1 on each disc, can have a real blast for the wild or an easy ride for the mild
  • Ideal for groups travelling and wanting a break from the bus, local parties etc

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Learn to ski, wake board, barefoot or play on the inflatable disc

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