Water Skiing

Learn to water ski in just 30 minutes!

Beginner double skis – almost every skier starts on a pair of double water skis, on the boom bar. The two skis are coupled at the front to suit the skier’s stance, this helps getting out of the water without doing the splits.

Beginner single ski – once you are wake crossing consistently on doubles, it is time to try a single ski, this is done on the boom bar, making it easy and enjoyable.

Experienced Slalom – Now that you are skiing on a single ski, it is time to push the boundaries and kick up some spray, jump the wake and have a blast!



  • Learn to ski or wakeboard in 30 minutes
  • All equipment & tuition supplied
  • Includes wet suit pants for the ladies
  • Life jackets for every one
  • Double water skis
  • Wake board

$85 per person 30 minutes


  • Wet suit pants for the ladies
  • Life jackets for everyone
  • Double & slalom water skis
  • Wakeboard
  • Some barefoot suits depending on size

$85 per person 30 minutes


  • Up to 50 people!
  • Ride the inflatable disc with up to 3 people
  • 1 on each disc, can have a real blast for the wild or an easy ride for the mild
  • Ideal for groups travelling and wanting a break from the bus, local parties etc

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Learn to ski, wake board, barefoot or play on the inflatable disc

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